Schools may be horrible, tiresome, obnoxious and repulsive, but nonetheless students gain here almost everything, may it be knowledge, friendship, happiness, trust or most importantly eternal memories. It is profoundly stressful, yes – homeworks, quizzes, examinations; however it is not perhaps the same for the first day of a school year. First day is one of the most unforgettable days in a compact 10-month bond with your classmates; you either get to have a mini-get-together with old friends or to introduce your regal self to someone new. First days make up implications, like whether the entire school year could be a spruce one or not. And here is how my jumpstart screamed everything…

A week preparatory to school, there was a total anxiety picturing out myself in procrastination again in anticipation of the days to come, I heard being a 9th grader student was the toughest among the junior high school resulting into my excessive pessimism and inevitable worries.

Midnight of 13th June 2016, the first day, I gave into overthinking how my day would go, but the sleep ruled my thoughts. The moment I woke up, as typical as it can get, I opened my eyes up and stretched my arms out, and then I got up. I did my morning musts and alluring ablutions. The time I was good to go, I headed over my pal’s house and we went to school together – we do that!

Stepping within the campus boundaries, everything went in slow motion. “This is it,” my thoughts began to speak. I met my other friends, and then we merged. The bell rang and students headed to the school gymnasium for an assembly, and eventually separated into their section rooms. The entire time for a one-day class had been allotted to students meeting their advisers. We elected classroom officers and divided into committees to equally distribute the role of each student in a class.

Thereafter we chatted and we chatted. I was sitting next to my girl friend (not girlfriend) and we were exchanging words and laughs until I realized my teacher came approaching asking if we were dating, I denied. It was a highlight of my first day, it was ridiculously funny. Another highlight was the after-lunch game we had, charades. It was typical, yes, but a game never gets typical depending upon how it is played.

Eventually we had to bid our temporary goodbyes or goodbyes for the day, and to drop into thinking how fun it had been despite the fact that it was just another typical school day. Another sunshine would anticipate us with another opportunities and possibilities. I for one might be longing for things I had or experienced the past year, however certainly those are to unhand, but not to forget.


*Disclaimer: School campus photos are not taken by the writer.


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