blogMe and my friends have planned to dress up as old-school nerds for two purposes; to undergo photoshoots in several areas in our school campus and to conduct a social experiment. It has been undeniably fun; it is another memory for keeps. But the cluster of looks we have earned has hesitated why we have chosen to shoot as nerds in the first place. However on the good side, some stares have shown fascination and we think that is deeply encouraging.

Nerds were known to be despicable aside from being highly intellectual and profoundly awkward. They were considered as social misfits or “geeks” in the society, basically they were the outcasts. Old depictions say they wore oversized long-sleeve button downs, vibrant-colored braces and heavy glasses. They say nerds were pedantic who used to carry and read big books everywhere.

And all those refer to the past that includes ugly stereotypes. Now, let’s get into the current…

blog2What’s enlightening today is that the word “nerd” as an insult has transformed into a relieving compliment. But technically, we all have nerdery, no need for stereotypes; we have obsessed over a lot of engagements such as books, gadgets, TV shows or whatever more in this world is out there that may depict a person a nerd.

Author of 50 Rules Kids Won’t Learn in School, Charles Sykes, wrote “Be nice to nerds. Chances are you may end up working for them.” From this statement, isn’t there so much respect people have to pay now the nerds they pick on? Not to mention that various companies are in demand of them – they are greedy of nerds.

To name a few, “nerds” in this generation are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. They are successful and they rule their own kingdoms. And for now we are prince and princesses, it is up to us now the next path on how we will build and take over our own uncivilized kingdoms. YOLO, bud!blog3

And here – from the mouths of my circle, here are our words for nerds:

“Overly intellectual and lacking of social skills, these are few words on how others pick on nerds. Being overly intellectual is what we should aim to have and lacking of social skills is the result of criticism we should help to cease. Being different includes courage, and having courage includes the ability to do something that takes guts. I salute y’all nerds!”

– Jelyssa Vergara

– Jelyssa Vergara (@vergaramaee)

“Frequently, nerds are being stereotyped by the society because they dwell in books a lot. Being called a nerd is not a bad thing at all, actually it is a compliment that you won’t expect from anyone. You should be somehow grateful; at some point you are popular as a smart student and not as a pain-in-the-ass one.”

– Shimeah Tubo

– Shimeah Tubo (@SHIMEYUH)

“Nerds are often generalized. They say, nerds are people who are awkward and uncomfortable to talk to. My side, I’m fascinated in having a conversation with them, and becoming a friend even. I would love to listen to their interesting stories, get to know them deeper and know their wisdom.”

– Daniel Cariño

– Daniel Cariño (@dnlmtcrn)

“Outcasts. They were the ones who people once called as “nerds”. Nerd may be a negative word. Those who they have played on, those who they have talked and laughed about behind their backs are the people tending to have more knowledge and imagination. They are the people who possess their own uniqueness behind those appearances that we criticize.”

– Carelene Guevarra

– Carelene Guevarra (@gvrrcarelene)

“Nerds should be the new trend nowadays. They value the brain, and they get the meaning of “brains over beauty”. Enough with the stereotypes; they serve the future. They are keys to fresh ideas and cool innovations. They are not boring, they just indulge in things the critics despise.”

– Angelo Linco

– Angelo Linco (@itsangelolinco)

Now, what do you plan for your own kingdom, nerd? Me and my friends would like to know. Leave it in the comments section below (rhyming not intended lol).


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