ALOHA 2017

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Just this year 2016, I started blogging. I honestly still do fumble over this overwhelming industry haha. I find it hard to think new ideas to pull for updates here – err and it’s pretty obvious. Nonetheless, I want to pursue blogging.

This year has been really unproductive for me and it’s embarrassing. I am neither satisfied nor contented. However, no man can ever be contented, one preacher has spoken before, for this earth has no capacity in satisfying one man’s demands.

And it is clearly affirmative.

Going back, one factor that could have been a reason why I didn’t make it was because school had occupied a lot of space, literally! It made my schedule hectic for some nice getaways or even some me-time sessions such as photoshoots ft. the tripod and flat lay arrangement practices.

Enough of school. GAH!

There are way too lot of mistakes I’ve done this year. As always said, we learn from our mistakes. But those are to bury anyway, I will not be keeping those that result into breakdowns.

Nonetheless, I’m thankful for the 2016 regrets, they are something I will work on. Of course, not only regrets have occurred, but also gratitude to these happenings which for sure are meant.

2017 anticipates stronger me and other stronger individuals, and may this year be theirs too! (And of course, those others years to come as well.)

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One of the achievements I did this year was that I made Spongebob do the split.

To this upcoming 2017, you won’t be something worthy of regrets, that’s a promise. You will be precise. You are going to be painted colors the way you would crave for. You are going to be sung songs your ears would want to for meditation. And you will just be as beautiful how I will want you to be that Ken Doll would be jealous.

Cheers to you, I await thy arrival.

How about you, what plans do you have in mind? Keep optimism high, friend!

P.S. As for the blog, to 2017 itself lies more content. 🙂


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