Everyone seems to wear eyeglasses nowadays, it is either due to the fact that they have their eyes tampered by what they always blame (yes, gadgets) or they simply want to style up and embellish that piece for their ensemble, or both. Either way, I know something gold for your eyes that they do deserve.


For someone whose world is a little blur with no eyeglasses, or whose obsession is into eyewears, Sunnies Specs has a market for contemporary, fashionable and lightweight spectacles graded or not. It has a variety of designs to which your face shape or personality can fit into. With P1,999 you can get your complete eyewear package; eye examination from an optometrist and a pair of new glasses in just a few hours.


As for me, I treated myself after a stressful school year a new pair of specs for all I know I can get stylish while I try to see everything clear this summer vacation. I bought myself a Roosevelt Charcoal, as I think it is just right for my facial figure and for my personality.


I happened to ask, “is it fragile?” They answered me through getting that frame I picked which is that of Roosevelt and then bending it hard. Surprisingly, it showed its durability for the skinny metal it has.

I for one think that spectacles play a very significant role in an ensemble. As versatile as it looks, I can fit it to everything I wear even the most laziest lazy outfit.DAMN4.jpg

I give Sunnies Specs service a 10 out of 10, so does for my new buddy too.

Don’t hesitate and rush to your fave Sunnies Specs store to get your new pair as well — your eyes will thank you.


Facebook: Sunnies Specs

Twitter: @sunniesspecs

Instagram: @sunniesspecs

Website: sunniesspecs.com

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