ALOHA 2017

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Just this year 2016, I started blogging. I honestly still do fumble over this overwhelming industry haha. I find it hard to think new ideas to pull for updates here – err and it’s pretty obvious. Nonetheless, I want to pursue blogging.

This year has been really unproductive for me and it’s embarrassing. I am neither satisfied nor contented. However, no man can ever be contented, one preacher has spoken before, for this earth has no capacity in satisfying one man’s demands.

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blogMe and my friends have planned to dress up as old-school nerds for two purposes; to undergo photoshoots in several areas in our school campus and to conduct a social experiment. It has been undeniably fun; it is another memory for keeps. But the cluster of looks we have earned has hesitated why we have chosen to shoot as nerds in the first place. However on the good side, some stares have shown fascination and we think that is deeply encouraging.

Nerds were known to be despicable aside from being highly intellectual and profoundly awkward. They were considered as social misfits or “geeks” in the society, basically they were the outcasts. Old depictions say they wore oversized long-sleeve button downs, vibrant-colored braces and heavy glasses. They say nerds were pedantic who used to carry and read big books everywhere.

And all those refer to the past that includes ugly stereotypes. Now, let’s get into the current… Continue reading “CLAD LIKE NERDS”